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The most beautiful girl you'll ever meet! Kristin is stunning from the first time you see her and is sexy as hell, especially in b00bs ;) Unfortunately this is a problem whenever you go around public with her, as random strangers will catcall her annoyingly and make you a n g e r y. However, this is just a part of life for this strong, incredible girl and she's so used to it that she just ignores them at this point. This will only strengthen your admiration of her! You can go to her for ALL of your problems. Kristin will somehow know exactly what to say in response. Even her manner of speaking radiates sophistication and grace. She's going to end up on top one day and I know it, even though she wasn't born with the gift of being able to not study and ace tests, she's living proof that hard work overrules natural talent. You end up wondering how people like her can exist in the universe, she's aware that people hate her and she loves them anyway, she'll treat them just how she treats everyone else with a reasonable yet impossible rationale (why give them a reason to hate you more?) It's so rare to see someone like her who naturally gravitates towards loving EVERYONE. She is so supportive and a pure queen who doesn't need guys but she knows (And everyone knows) that she could get one if she wants, when she wants. She chooses her guys, not guys choose her. If you find a Kristin, keep her at all costs. You won't find another one like her again.
Girl: Ugh, I would give anything to be Kristin.
Girl's boyfriend: Too bad you aren't.
by theasianbearx June 15, 2018

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