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ugk. wow nick wheeler is kick ass. he's an awsome guitarist, he has the best hair EVER, he definitely makes the all-american rejects. i mean he's the lead guitarist, back up vocals, puts the music to the songs and does all the programming stuff and that thing that he does with his lips is adorable! wow hes awsome!
nick wheeler is insanely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by theXcigaretteXsong March 19, 2004

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the best band EVER! yes they are all hot but their music is SO AWESOME too. the cigarette song is great. they kick ass. nick wheeler WOW! *sigh* if you don't like them. well then you can just go fall in a hole! 'cause they're awsome. and if your a boy it's because your jelous you don't look like them ;)
they are my all-american rejects
by theXcigaretteXsong March 20, 2004

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