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Ultra + Tremendous = Ultramendous

When someone or something is inconceivably out of the ordinary intensified.
Your 450˚ back flip out of a hand stand into a cart wheel was ridiculous! NO, it was ULTRAMENDOUS!!!!
by theDon! October 23, 2009

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1. The study of the tricking phenomena with reference of origin, growth, reproduction, structure, and behavior of those imposing a trick and those on the receiving end of a trick.

2. The study of tricks used in a specific region.

3. trickological phenomena of an organism or a group of organisms performing tricks.
I earned a degree in Clowning; trickology was the single hardest class to pass to earn that degree! I couldn't figure out what the regions were of the different knock knock jokes that have been introduced over the past seventy-five years. Be prepared for some heavy duty studying in that class bozo.
by theDon! March 09, 2010

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