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a poser is a person who dresses a certain style,listen to a certain genre just to fit in with a crowd when they are the complete opposite. A poser is also a person who labels themselves and other people. A poser is also a person does something just to impress a certain person or certain crowd.One who isnt true to themselves. Fake peoplee
dude1:yoo Im like so freakin eno

Dude2: wtf, do you even know what emo is

Dude1:yeah its a ummmmmmmmmm (idk)

Dude2:omg you're so fuckin stupid...emo is a freakin genre you dumbass

Dude1: whatever i think its super cool..i like the music

Dude2: ok name one band thats emo

Dude1:umm (dead silence)

Dude2:my goodness, ur such a poser
by the world sucks February 25, 2009
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