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when you rob something or do something stupid which pays off you should say this, on 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps' there was a character called munch who was Gaz's long lost half brother, he was a proper retard but was well funny, he would use this phrase a lot when he stole something or something went his way, and i once saw the guy who plays munch in the John Lennon airport :)
Munch: "dyu wanna watch a DVD?"
(pulls out a portable DVD player)
Gaz: "Jesus!, how did you afford that??!!"
Munch: "I stole it, Munch Magic!"
Gaz: "wellll.... what DVD's have you got?"
Munch: "Dutch Sluts and Bonk 'Till You Cronk"
Gaz: "wow!!....Welcome to the family fella!!!"
by the triple OG July 24, 2006

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