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A hotaling is the stupidest mother fuck alive; also known as a complete douche bag, one who is a pathological liar that sometimes doesn’t know what room he's in. One who has a big Jew nose and makes terribly unfunny jokes. One who eats everything in sight with ranch on it, if a cock was dipped in hidden valley he would go to town. In most societies known as a petifle, parents I would advise you to lock up your daughters in their rooms, age ranging from: there is no range who am I fucking kidding. One who has a strange obsession with punching everything within a 2ft radius of him. He’s under the impression that wearing socks and sandals is “cool”, not extremely GAY. So if you know a hotaling I would advise to stay clear!
"yo i just hotalinged that chick last night!"

"wow you sick fuck im going to call the cops!"

"'yo hotaling what is that white stuff your dipping your food in?"
"its ranch, my favorite!"
"Yeah, that sure is one of newmans own recipe! straight out of my hidden valley( a.k.a MY DICK HOLE)
by the shin sucker April 28, 2010
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