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a bad excuse for rappers to neglect their oral health. since they do not brush their teeth, the dentist has to cap or crown the tooth with the extreme decay. another way to say a mouth full of cavities.
dentist: 'ok paul wall, you have a mouthfull of cavities. im going to have to give you a grille.'

paul wall: 'will it hurt?'

dentist: 'no, jus ask ur other friends wit grillz."

paul wall: 'ok, give me a grille."
by the real don November 11, 2006

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a character on sesame street whos voice sounds like ja rule see ja rule
big bird: wat up ja rule i mean cookie monster

cookie monster: damn you big bird i am much better than that faggot ja rule
by the real don November 13, 2006

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pants that white, nerdy, rich, or geeky people wear. known in spanish as "aguas altas"
gangsta g: damn jesse you got the best highwaters in virginia, where can i get me a pair?

jesse: at the highwater store i own in fairfax station virginia. if it doesnt have my signature, there not authentic highwaters.
by the real don November 25, 2006

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