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The act of writing ambiguous, symbolic, and generally cryptic messages on one's web journal to avoid confrontation with the ones the message is directed to.

Usually leads to unintentionally powerful and/or universal writings.
"Hey did you read Phoebe's last entry about Joan? It was so xangavague, but everybody still knows it's about her."
by the poindexter punk January 23, 2005

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A conjunction of the words 'prefabricated' and 'fabulous'. Used mostly in reference towards popular icons in the entertainment world who are popular, despite being created by production companies and acting agencies.

See also: Simple Plan, Paris Hilton, and Chad Michael Murray.
"Your cellophane countdown/ Your brand-new Elvis is/ Totally prefabulous."
--Championship Vinyl - "Scapegoat"
by the poindexter punk January 01, 2005

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Of relating, or referencing to the mentality or mannerisms of Chris Osborn.
That wave you gave me was a very Osbornist example of awkwardness.

It is not egotistical at all to name a movement about yourself. Example? Osbornism. If anything it's a negative mentality!
by the poindexter punk October 21, 2004

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