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Cheaply produced Internet content created solely for financial gain. Heavy with SEO terms, the writing is usually salacious, purposely withholding crucial information so as to generate controversy, and causing the subject matter to appear unresolved. Typically, Internet Pulp appears on webpages with an excessive amount of advertising.
I guess there is money to be had as a content creator, if you know how to write Internet Pulp.
by The Homeless Guy September 22, 2014

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When people sleep on city sidewalks, usually performed by homeless people.
"I got kicked out of the shelter, so I guess I'm back to cement surfing."
by The Homeless Guy June 05, 2014

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A safe place, usually a house, where teens can have sex - short for F*ck Street.
They gave out king size candy bars at Halloween from his house on F Street.
by The Homeless Guy September 20, 2014

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a bag containing dicks, penis, cock, wang, wanker, and/or slongs
jerry: what do you think that homeless guy is carrying?
bonnie: probably a dick bag
jerry: it must be heavy
by the homeless guy August 23, 2006

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