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Someone who is so perfect but you can't tell them for some reason
"That girl is painfully perfect!"

"What does that mean!?"

"It means I think perfect but it's painful that I can't tell her I think it"
by The forgotten one September 02, 2014
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slipknot is a good band that cant be described as "nu metal", "rapcore", "metal" or even "death metal" and everyone who dislikes slipknot are fags because they dont know what the band's members have gone through, also, slipknot didnt rip-off mushroomhead. kids listen to slipknot because they can relate to all the deep and violent shit they have gone through
its heard to stay between the lines of skin
just cuz i have nerves dont mean that i can feel
i wasnt very much fun to be with anyway
just let the blood run red cuz i cant feel
by the forgotten one April 16, 2004
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