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A quite addictive yet fun game to play. millions of quests, monsters, players, and endless amounts of fun. with the expansion packs included, the highest level is 80. Cataclsym, the upcoming expansion, will let you get to 85, adding new quests, areas to explore, monsters to defeat, armor, tier sets, and 2 new races to play; worgen and goblin. also, check out Blizzard entertainments new games coming up such as starcraft 2 and diablo 3. i recommend WoW to anyone who likes a good mmorpg. just be careful, assholes are common on this game.
Guy 1: I just got World of Warcraft!!

Guy 2: Sweet! can I come over and play it with you?

Guy 1: Fuck off, fag.
by the excluder October 15, 2009
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