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1. An elongation of the word wow used in cases of extreme excitement/admiration/confusion. Expressed in a strange tone which sounds like a rat

2. Usually uttered by a man with the name of Kartik

3. Extremely annoying when said more than 2 times in one day
1. "dude i totally nailed that chick last night"


"oh my god...he's dead. I....I...I Killed him"


"Fuck you man. I hate you so much"


2. Anubis: "Sup Kartik"


3. Person 1: "WEEEEOOOWW"


Person 3: "WEEEOOOOWW"

Jesus: "Ok fucking stop now"
by the crimson chinn May 25, 2009

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1. The awesome mixture of heroin and cocaine for recreational use

2. The greatest sport in the world combining the aspects of soccer and handball with some rules of ultimate frisbee. The game is played on a basketball court with goals on either side (tables, mats, etc) The object of the game is to pass around the ball and score. you can use your hands or feet. When the ball is in your hands, you have to stop moving. When on the ground, you can dribble with your feet. The biggest rule is that the last thing the ball touches before it gets into your hands CANNOT be the ground. (i.e you cant dribble the ball like in basketball. You would have to kick it up to yourself to get it in your hands off he ground) Score with hands = 1pt, Feet= 2pts, head = 3pts...PLAY TO WIN
1. Guy 1: Dude Im bored as hell

Guy 2: Wanna go do some speedball?

Guy 1: Yea, but only if its a 65:35 heroin

2. Person 1: Hmm i want to play soccer, but then I also want to use my hands like in handball, but then I'd like to somehow incorporate the rules of ultimate frisbee...Too bad there is no sport like that.

Person 2: Are you fucking retarded? Did you not read the definition above? Its called speedball dumbass
by the crimson chinn August 17, 2009

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