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when your friend acts very stupid, slow ,and or retarted.Asking question after question after question like you somehow know the answer.

Named because he is acting retarted like a real armadillo.

Word based off of the real animal.
joe:Hay dude tom had a seizure.
Noah:Oh man that sucks.
joe: ya it dose
tim: what is that
Joe it is a midical condition when your nurons in your brain missfire
tim: why?
joe:becaues he has epilipsie
joe:i dont know because he dose.
tim: ya but why dose he have epilepsie!
Noah:Oh my god you have horriable Armadillo Syndrome!!!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP.
Noah: GOD you stupid retard stop being so fuckingannoying. GAY FAG!!!
by the answer is in your hand October 14, 2010
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