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As attractive as they come. Ridiculously hot; synonymous with spicey, gorgeous, head over heels, and insane. On the horse or house scale, a sassy minx is equivalent to a hots. If you need a refresher, the scale is as follows: horse, non-horse, house, cutes, HOTS.
1) Holy smokes, did you see that sassy minx!

2) Golly, Jane sure is a sassy minx.

3) Man, if only I could pull a sassy minx.
by the FACE August 14, 2005

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a scrumptious food morsule, preferably made by mother, that you devoir usually during late night cravings or perhaps, baseball matches. (A good old game of ball)
Last night at the grand ball game, i had a chili dog, it was delicious. it made me have to poo all over the cn tower and all over a dinosaurs face.
by the face December 12, 2003

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Fhe fucking man. He is spy.
Someone you don't mess with.
Dude, who stole my girlfriend?
The Face did
Shit, he's so face.
Fo shizzle
by the face March 07, 2003

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trout = an insult usally used in front of people named freedy
' hey freedy your a TROUT !!!! '
by The face July 08, 2003

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when you eat lots of poo
i ate lots of raw meat last night
by the face December 12, 2003

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