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10 03

A special sequence of numbers that basically explains everything. By doing some quantum calculus 10 03 becomes the only answer and is a solution to why we are here. It sometimes can be compared to the lost numbers, but those are nothing compared to 10 03. It is believed the world will end on 10 03 in the future, but the exact year has not been able to be determined yet.
The world will end on 10 03 or 10/03/????with a quantum force that will literally turn humans inside out due to a unknown form of radiation
by the man with the top hat March 17, 2010
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the most powerful set of numbers ever fomulated. Legend has it that a divine baby had been born on 10/03/1990 uniting the german nations once again. As many believe the world will also end on 10/03/????.
the power of 1003 can not be expressed so easily.
by the man with the top hat April 12, 2010
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A very secret course available to a select few Penn state Students. The course is said to be the hardest calculus course ever created. Most people's minds are not able to comprehend its complexity and therefore the course is a secret. If people were to try to learn it, most would have a brain aneurism and fall over and die. The course takes a extensive look at the number sequence 103. Series and sequences are also heavily used in the course. SHh this shit is top secret.
Yo we learned about the series that converges to 103 in calc 103 today and how it explains the death of the dinosaurs, and.... (normal kids brain just exploded)
by the man with the top hat March 17, 2010
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