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A phrase uttered in order to be a smart ass when someone attempts to get your attention using your name:
"Hey, your name" or just "your name"

To "wear it out" refers to the act of "wearing out" shoes and other clothing. To use something repeatedly until it loses its durability, polish and novelty.

The phrase was popularized originally by boomers in the 50s. See: boomer musical "Grease," for unironic usage.

It resurfaced as a campy, ironic echo of its former glory after famous/infamous child entertainer Pee Wee Herman used it in his show Pee Wee's Playhouse. Decades later this caused millennials to say this phrase very rarely, but with great smugness and underserved pride.
Jim: Hey Peter ca....
Peter (interrupting): That's my name, don't wear it out !!

> Peter suddenly appears overtly proud of himself and bears a somewhat condescending grin on his stupid face

> You would respond with a scathing comeback or possibly violent beatings, but you are too confused with Peter repeating a strange laugh and looking at you like you should get the joke
by the claborn g March 10, 2022
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