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A german american born and raised east of seattle that spits horrorcore rap about the most macabre subjects such as necrophilia, homicide, cutting his self, stalking people, decompission, death ect. he also trys to pointout that the government is keeping Germans down do too the fact he was born too a german mother BETTER KNOWN AS V-NUTZ666 signed to Blood N Gore records
CLA is an accronym for Crypic Lok Assasin
'have ya heard anything from CLA: the German Shepards new album?'
~BNG fan

'Naw Blood N Gore records sucks Ass'
~BNG Hater

'Bitch mother fucker' (pulls out an 44 from backpack) *click CLock BAM*
~BNG Fan

'Welcome too seattle mother fucker'
by thatonekidnoonelikes April 23, 2005
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