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Asking Alexandria are an English Post Hardcore band from York, North Yorkshire, formed in 2008. Founded when rhythm guitarist Ben Bruce contacted old friends after moving back from Dubai, the current line-up consists of Bruce, vocalist Danny Worsnop, lead guitarist Cameron Liddell, bass guitarist Sam Bettley and drummer James Cassells.

In 2009 they released there sophomore album Stand Up And Scream followed be a tour with Madina Lake and Alesana. There very good, still very unknown. My favorite song by them right now is A Single Moment Of Sincerity. Within the first 15 seconds your wrapped up in the screams and the amazing lyrics. They are worth your time to listen too. The bands they best relate to are The Devil Wears Prada and Bring Me The Horizon for there screams/lyrics.
person 1: DUDE! did you get the new asking alexandria album Stand Up And Scream?

person 2: yea its so epic.

one: yea! its like bring me the horizon, the devil wears prada and enter shikari had a baby!
by thatchickfromthatconcert. January 1, 2010
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Closure In Moscow is an Australian progressive rock band from Melbourne, Victoria, formed in 2006. The band comprises lead vocalist Chris De Cinque, drummer Beau McKee, guitarist and vocalist Mansur Zennelli, bassist Brad Kimber and guitarist Michael Barrett.

Only 18 months after first forming, Closure in Moscow signed to Taperjean Records and released their debut EP (self-proclaimed 'albumette') in 2008, titled The Penance and the Patience. They have established a name for themselves with an array of shows in their home country alongside international acts such as Saosin, Coheed and Cambria, Aiden, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, A Static Lullaby, Street Drum Corps and Unwritten Law. The band's debut studio album, First Temple, was released in May 2009.

my opinions on them: seen them live twice. there amazing. there are pretty unknown in the states. you should definitely check them out. support them when they come to your area. They tend to play with bands more hardcore them themselves, but they don't disappoint. There shows are very high energy and your gaurenteed a good time. They do something crazy at each of there shows, or at least the ones ive seen. ex. coming dressed out with lady gaga makeup and an olive leave halo type thing.

There playing warped tour 2010. be sure to see them, even though there probably better to see in small venues. Seriously check them out, there that one band that never gets enough attention. Once I heard Kissing Cousins i was hooked. You'll be too.
guy one: dude did you go to the One More Brick Tour with Fact, Closure In Moscow, A Skylit Drive & Senses Fail

guy two: yea! dude closure in moscow was sooo sick. Brian from ASLD got up and screamed the last part of Sweet#Hart.

guy one: holy sh!t thats epic.
by thatchickfromthatconcert. January 1, 2010
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