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Gorgeous kids that are selected 3/2000. If you're accepted as a clubbbkid feel fucking privileged because its means you're hot as a hot thing on hot tablets at a babycakes convention. They all having amazing hair, are always better than your spouse, and are really really really really good looking. Also proper mint clubbbkids get 20% off bbycks clothing line as they look better than anyone else. Basically, life as a clubbbkid is better than anyone elses.
UGLYKID: "I requested club kids four months ago, but I still can't see the profile. I suck"

CLUBBBKID: "zomgzzzzz!!!1!ononeone!!1! I requested club kids yesterday and I've made gazillion friends and my hair already looks amazing, and omgzz I'm stunningggg zxxxc"
by tgnuk June 12, 2008

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