3 definitions by tesolcian

A person who's memories have faded away from the rest. Who's dwelled too long and got to the void. Someone far bellow hell and emptiness they no longer exist.
"Who are you again?" Sam asked.

"I'm an ANobody." The dweller said in shame.
by tesolcian July 18, 2018
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A sad excuse of a person. Lower than a Pitdweller, higher than a Nobody. They are going straight to hell and everyone knows it, even them. They are the first to be kicked from a friend group once their true colors show. Also known as a lowkey thottie, backstabber and/or a lowlife.
"I'm a Pitdweller, not a Helldweller!" Randy said, denying the fact that he was becoming one of things that he hated most.

Gwen shook her head in shame, "It is true, you're a real helldweller now..."
by tesolcian July 18, 2018
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A land you may go to when things get rough in the real world. You go through a closet portal to get there. Citizens easily pregnant by touching waffles.
"We must be off to Tesolc now! Away we go!!" She said, jumping through the portal.
by tesolcian June 21, 2018
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