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Commonly found around the mouth, nose or eyes - however there are more recorded cases of it appearing around the cheeks and occasionally being discovered on or around the forehead.

True & caring friends will tell you that you have 'schmiggie' on your face. This is a lot more helpful, and a much more discreet, way of letting you know that when you turned your back and blew your nose into your hankie, you actually left a piece of green and yellow snot sitting on your chin. Of course they could have laughed and said out aloud that your wearing your own snot, but true friends will call it 'schmiggie' and not embarrass you by bringing attention to what is really sitting on your face.

Schmiggie - The one word which, as soon as its said, makes you frantically begin rubbing and wiping your face all over in order to eradicate any particles of left over rice from lunch, strands of eye gunk which leaked and dried down your nose... or even a bit of chunky spit you excitedly spat out onto your bottom lip while you were getting carried away explaining your character on World of Warcraft. '.
"Dave...mate...just quietly, you've got a bit of schmiggie on your chin".

Erin - "Okay Holly, before we get out of this car I thought I'd point out that you have got some schmiggie here *points to corner of mouth*"

Holly - "Shit, that was lucky...I would have walked around the whole shopping centre and not realised that I had wheetbix still stuck to my mouth - Thanks Erin!"
by tellmeifIhaveschmiggiepls April 10, 2010
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