2 definitions by teedoc

1) The state of being cool without any attempts at trying; being truly naturally cool.
2) A person that is considered cool just by how they live their life and carry on their usual activities.
3)viasity, derived from viasa, is the concept of having real actual coolness.
1) Have you met Sean, he's such a viasa?
2) You can't be a viasa if you try, the whole concept of trying to be cool means you're not.
3) I am eager to hang out with Hannah, she has a lot of viasity.
by teedoc June 27, 2008
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1) From the word viasa, the concept of possessing sincere and natural coolness.
2) Having a state of coolness that has not been physically acquired but is of a natural origin.
Dave: I want to be just like him, he's just so cool and he's not even trying to be.
Tom: Yeah, but that's the problem, he's got viasity, and that's something that one can't just obtain.
by teedoc June 27, 2008
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