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the awesome title the halo 2 narrarator calls you every time you start a match
herman li: hey sam rets ro pray sum halo
sam totman: k dude
narrarator: slayer
dragonforce in unison: woah...
by teddy wallace September 22, 2007
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mainstream flamer band which is popular because of their overfamed song in Guitar Hero. This music is crap, they sing about bats and bibles and crap and their videos include strippers and hookers giving lap dances to the band. what the fuck is that supposed to mean? the band members wear makeup and dress like didofags. this band is full of sellouts who are in the music industry primarily for the bills and maybe the acknowledgment of twelve year olds all around the USA. a perhaps equally gay band is trivium.
avenged sevenfold is a band for people with vaginas in their ears
by teddy wallace November 14, 2007
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