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Plural of the word prospectus
Finding a good university is a nightmare, I've spent the last two days looking through prospecti
by tears181 June 27, 2008

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A fake uni (university), will either use part or all of the name of a more prestigous uni nearby, in an attempt to lure potential undergraduates. Examples include, Sheffield Hallam Universtiy, UWIC (Cardiff) and Heriot-Watt University Edingburgh.
Phil may have to settle for a fake uni, unless he gets lucky in his Alevels.
by tears181 June 27, 2008

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Abbreviation of Rotten Damme. A very ugly girl.

See:munter, mingin
'eurrr, did you just see that girl there?'
'yeah, she's rotterdam'
by tears181 April 15, 2008

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