1 definition by tbudgeee

One of the worst things to come in contact with. Red Heads have no soul so they don't care how the other person in the argument feels about the way they are treated. They are the most vindictive souless people on earth. They tend to seek pleasure from other peoples pain. The wrath of a red head is nothing less than absolute evil.
Red headed men are one thing, but Red Head women are twice as bad. Not only are you putting up with a red head, you are also putting up with a woman. They will do anything and everything to make you physically and emotionally hurt as well as feel belittled, useless and worthless.
Red Head Tempers is when two or more people get into a fight, try to be sneaky about something, screw them over or breaking up with them usually results in physical pain such as (if you're a guy..a few hits to the man hood would be great), letting the girl know how much of a b*itch she is or if its a guy that he is a tool anddouche bag. Other physical damage would be to cars, homes, motorcycles and things of that nature.
by tbudgeee January 21, 2012