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The mentality of any typical music major college student that all other students are lazy, talentless, uneducated, of a lower class, and lack ambition. This mentality is commonly matched with an arrogant attitude, whining, and a love of juvenile drama. Students with this mentality strive to appear hard-working and over-achieving. The place to find students like this is the music department of any college or university. Musicality may disappear with age or upon graduation, but the arrogance has a high chance of remaining.
Student: "Whew, I had to wake up at 10:00 today, man..."

Music Student: "I've been awake since 7:00, carried my bari-sax all over campus, had three rehersals, practiced my brains out, eaten ONCE, been grocery shopping, aired up my bike tires, solved a Rubiks cube, and finished my physics AND music theory homework, YOU LAZY ASS!!"

Student: *rolls eyes* "You and your damn musicality..."
by tayrea19 January 23, 2011
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