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An "entitlement" uses the coercive power of government to deprive one of the fruits of his labor and give it to the feckless members living around us in our society.
Welfare is one such "entitlement". It is a godless attempt to force charity. Unfortunately for those bent to this defective ideology, socialism, charity cannot be coerced. One can be forced to give, however, but instead of love as the impetus one does so begrudgingly creating the temptation to hate the agent of coercion (government) and the temptation to hate the recipient (welfare vampire). Additionally the recipient is tempted to hate the resource (working citizen) as the agent (government) claims the resource (working citizen) is greedily withholding money that could extricate the recipient (welfare vampire) from the current parasitic state of life

Only the welfare vampire can extricate himself from slavery to social cancer (socialism) by working to provide for himself. The welfare vampire, like any other vampire, drifts further into the darkness by gorging himself on the humanity he denies is good.

Socialism, a social cancer, promotes destruction of humanity. Creating welfare vampires is but one means to that end.

If you believe you are entitled to enslave others for your own benefit you might be a welfare vampire.
by taxed into prosperity October 05, 2011

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That into which liberalism ALWAYS devolves.
Liberalism, social fascism, claims to offer freedom but actually transforms working citizens into a slave class to serve the greedy unproductive class who insists on greater entitlements. As the latter (unemployed) group becomes larger, greedier, and generationally ignorant, they give social fascists more power to rape the employed and the employer while vying for increased democracy. Because of their ignorance they rally for democracy, a tool for facilitating shift to tyranny, instead of defending the republic, the bulwark of liberty in America.
by taxed into prosperity October 05, 2011

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One who sucks the lifeblood from working Americans via an FDR "Entitlements" federal department (socialism)
"man" 2: gimme some obama money
1 man: Why don't you work some extra hours like the rest of us?
"man" 2: the govment pays me
1 man: we are the government
"man" 2: ain't seen you at the welfare office
1 man: I have a real job. I work for my money.
"man" 2: I work. I stand in the welfare line every week and walk down the street to cash it to pay for my forty, porn, mobile phone, satellite tv, and mcdonalds

1 man: welfare vampire, that's not work. earn your own money, you parasite.

1 man: MY money is MINE
by taxed into prosperity October 05, 2011

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