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Croppers is just that one fuckwit who is very sensitive and cries a lot when people make bad offensive jokes, or when she feels as though she is being targeted even if she isn’t. She tends to think very in-depth about some things, things that don’t matter most of the time. She is very loveable and pretty even though she’ll do anything in her power to deny it. Croppers likes to be very bipolar when choosing whether to be a crackhead or an innocent little girl. Croppers is also one of the smartest people you know, but she doesn’t think so herself.

Croppers also loves Asians, and finds herself going many lengths to try and impress any Asians she knows. She also gets quite obsessive over some Asians, and this can lead to major addictions but it’s one of the biggest things that make her happy.

Croppers tends to be quite innocent, and quiet, but when you get to know her she turns into a loud, rowdy, sometimes annoying person. She can also be good fun sometimes. She especially enjoys 70s,80s, and 90s music.
Croppers: “I only got 99.99% on my test :(“
Daisy: “I got 33%”
Holly: “Mr Chen (a Chinese teacher) wouldn’t be proud.”
Croppers: “Uwu I love Mr Chen.”
by tata oppar November 11, 2019
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