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A messy, massive "subculture". I'm sure it originally was about...something, now it acts to add a little bit of salt to the cracker population moving into cities. Its in. A "hipster" is basically a master of the internet with more style than your garden variety nerd/geek/dweeb etc. Drinks coffee, smokes cigs, read books, listens to trendy music. In my experience, these things were always associated with cool. But exclusivity is what makes things trendy. This is a pitfall for hipster. Since there is little guidance, no authority, to weed out the wieners from the winners, veteran hipsters cannot distinguish themselves from posers. So you have that whole thing all over again. Remember when you were 13 and Justin Stone called you a poser for wearing a Gap t-shirt with a flat rimmed hat? G-rap with the shit then and you tried so hard, but you're not hood. You're not a surfer either, Abercrombie. And you're not "urban" by trying to allude to it with clothes, inefficient rainbow bikes, and American classics. Now that its reached suburbia I think its on its last leg. The small blogs that were the vein of this behavior have blown up, retailers have figured out how it works, and the uninitiated can identify who's trying and who's not. Save yourself some money, some time and effort, and continue to wear socks and sandals if you already do so. Cause you're really not missing much.

P.S. learn from mistakes.
"I'll be respected in this scary place if I create an artsy persona for myself. Right?"

by tarzan_king-of-the-burbs November 17, 2011

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