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A metaphor for any state in America ( in this case the literal Minnesota)that makes it conducive for women and single mothers to have children without any form of social consequences, oversight, or the opinions of the fathers that reluctantly get sucked into the "I wasn't taking MY pill--I thought you knew," debate.

Mamasota produces humans who fill the ranks of the police state, the National Guard and other military and police forces, because the irrational fears of the mothers, who do not live lives of consequence based reality, are transferred onto children,, and those fears become a mantra that the children produced in such a climate assimilate, and also believe is reality.

However, these children also ensure the maintainance of all of the lower tier manual labor jobs, and also fill the prison systems, because of the quality of "parenting" they get from "single mothers" and their enablers.

This state produces National Guardsmen and Police who march off to illegal, unjustified wars overseas ( such as Iraq) in order to protect God, MOTHER, and Cuntry.

Crucial to the formation of a Mammasota are the necessary components of:
1) polarized dichotomous social forces of rigid, or "rational" religious right wing social control and "irrational" victimology based left wing beaureaucratic socialism
2) a stagnant economy in need of low wage workers to fulfill low wage tasks; these workers willingly produced by single mothers, with the complete collusion of the welfare state, CPS, and the judicial system, which views children as property. Property ( possession is 9/10's of the law) in this case is proprietary first tio the mother, regardless of the father, and proprietary second to the state, which has legally maneuvered over the centuroes to steal the children from the father; et al.
3)propaganda campaigns that lay the entire responsibility for womens poor procreation choices at the feet of men--most often lower income, under educated men, who are produced by the self replicating mechanism of single mother households.
4)right wing and queer feminist agendas that demonize men and iconize women, despite rising evidence of women as child molesters, abusers, and the known facts of women as domestic violence perpetrators.
5) Social mechanisms that ensure poor birth control options for men, and worse social mechanisms that encourage womens full range of procreative choices at the expense of men, and eventually, at the expense of children.
6) reliance on the uotdated "Tender Years Doctrine" , a legal notion that is enshrined in Minnesota law and politics that holds that men are incapable of dealing with children, and women are the best caregivers from birth. Also a doctrine that ensures primary proprietary rights to mothers.
7) absolute obfuscation of the meaning of the word "responsibility" for sex education, birth control, and other options that could protect men from the predation of baby farmers*, primarily because same men are raised primarily by women and welfare state enablers who ensure weak or absent male choice with lopsided legislation, and the ideology of victimology implanted in boys by same women.
" Dude, I just got back from child support court,and even though my baby mama is in treatment for crack addiction,I still couldn't get custody of my kids. The Judge told me that my two 8.25 p/hr jobs aren't enough to support a kid."
"So where is your kid now?"
"Dude my kid is in foster care, and the state is charging me 1000.00 per month child support to pay the single mother mud hen foster mom, until the baby mamma gets out of treatment, and then she will raise my kid...."
"Dude, I coulda' told ya: this is Mamasota, and men get fucked here; first by the mother, and then by the state."
by tao_teqingren September 11, 2007
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