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townies go to mcdonalds because to them it's exotic food and a special occassion.they're natural habitats are:in and out of mcdonalds,sports shops,council estates,places that say do not enter,local bodge parks, dark alleys and outside the local news agents.
townies wear 99p 'designer' tacky clothes that they found in a bin somewhere (thats why they smell so so bad, but they say its a new fragrance or after shave).
the male species of townies wear adidas trackys that are so not very expensive, hoodies from JJb sports, nike air trainers and sports clothes even though they have never heard of sport .
the female species of townies loose there virginity at the age of 11 or under. female townies also damage babies by making them the younger equivalent of jordan by getting them boob implants and drenching them in foul smelling perfumes £1.99 from cost-co.
townies cement there hair to there head with mounds of tacky gel and reveal there cheap and plastic 'gold' earrings. they wear playboy trackies and mckenzies hoodies and to top it all off a pair of original reebok trainers.CLASSY.
you'll often hear townies say: il, il blad,il man, il bruv,safe,safe bruv,im gun braap u up, u is dead man,fuck uuuuuuuuu, your mum, allow you...etc.
as you may of guessed words like these are NOT in the dictionary.

by tanith&&katie April 05, 2006

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