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Is the term usually given to the Pep Squad at school; A Cheer Leader or anyone associated in 'The Spirit' of a function, group, or activity. Other names used for Pep Squad; Cheer, Pom Pom's, Yell, Yell Leaders, Spirit Squad, and Mascots

Rah Rah's can also be the friends who hang out with Cheer Leaders. It denotes a specific social group or click
Right before the start of a Pep Rally at the local high school a group of Rah Rah's were chatting it up, waiting for their cue to enter center stage of the gymnasium to perform their new routine.
by t-tapper May 31, 2011
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Is the name for a specific type of social group: The Jocks
The kids who participate in sports in schools.

note* This group doesn't have to be dressed in their uniforms, usually a person can tell by the others they hang out with or just the way they look. I gave this explanation above because it gives a visual to connect the word submission with the definition
A group of football players with there jerseys on walking across campass would be defined as "Chads"
by t-tapper May 31, 2011
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