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anything you do thats ill

ill, not as in 'down with the flu' but ill as in short for illegitimate, or whacked out on cough syrup or smokin major grass.

1. smoking weed
2. indian music (zitars, drums, vocals)
3. this situation: approaching a group of friends with a box of lucky charms without saying anything and when they ask for some you deny them an walk away
4. anything illegal but really fun like:
a. drivebys (driving with the boot)
b. mailbox baseball
c. rapping about ghandi

used in a sentence as:
a separable verb:
righteous dude #1:
Dude, that shit you were doing is hella ill.
a noun
righteous dude #2:
What are you up to today?
righteous dude #2:
Sum ill shit.
by superjesus December 03, 2006
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