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A person you don't lie to, you don't keep secrets from, and you don't ever betray. A wondertwin is that one person you'll forever have and who will always be there for you until all your teeth fall off. He/she is that one person who is willing to go crazy with you and who is patient enough to listen to you and fight the urge to slam down the phone when you call in the wee hours to rant about your failed love life or anything he/she doesn't really want to hear about.

He/she takes pains in making his/her version of hot chocolate in order to perk you up. He/she walks through grassy knolls and bog, crosses hanging bridges and dangerous log bridges with you without any complaints whenever you are in a restless-wanderer-mode.

A wondertwin is one who's going to do the items in your bucketlist with you. He/she is that one person you turn to when you've done a crime: your wondertwin will then take care of the problem for you and will hide the corpus delicti, as well.

A wondertwin may be your superfriend, your partner in crime, your self-appointed secret soulmate, and everything nice rolled into one. When he/she shows you his/her negative traits and you find yourself still looking at him/her with the same degree of respect and acceptance, the bond is solidified.

Once you find your wondertwin, that's good for a lifetime. No return, no exchange. No regrets.
Javi: WonderTwins?
Patricia: Forever, player.
Javi: WTF.
by superfriendpj February 25, 2009

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