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stone gossard, jeff ament(bass), eddie vedder(vocals), mike mckreedy and matt cameron. the comboniation of the century. cannot be beat.
rear view mirror, betterman , jeremy. all awsome songs
by sunkist February 12, 2004
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A Bart Simpsoned is a kind of prank you can pull on anyone that needs to announce a name. The Bart Simpsoned is usually pulled off when you call a bar or any other place that needs to announce a name loud. Name Roll Call works great if you can change the Roll Call paper.

To Bart Simpsoned someone simply ask Walmart Customer service to find your lost child. When they ask for a name you tell them her name is Aileen Yuluik and over the intercom they will say " I lean, You Lick " and most of the time you can walk away and say thanks. Sometimes they will get it right away and start to laugh.

CrushBored.com has a list of clever names to use. ie. Anita Dickens - Phil McCracken - Hugh Jass -Mike Rautsch - Amanda Hugenkiz

The name comes from an Episode of the Simpsons where Bart does this prank.
You: Can you help me find my lost child?
Wal Mart CS: Whats the childs name?
You: Amanda... Amanda hugenkiz ( A man to hug and kiss )

Wal Mart CS: (announces over intercom) '' I need A MAN TO HUG AND KISS please report to customer service "

Your Friend: You just Bart Simpsoned Walmart.. Hard.
by Sunkist March 13, 2015
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