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In parts of the Northeastern United States, in rural prisons and county correctional facility, inmates will use the term to describe what has been defined on UD as a kidney punch. That is a kidney shot, referenced in this context, and location, refers to a well timed punch, hard tap, or "shot" to the area of the back where the kidneys are located. This is done during the rape of another inmate, during consensual prison intercourse, and possibly outside of any circumstances involving imprisonment, either to encourage orgasm, or at the point of orgasm in order to intensify its depth and duration. The kidney shot works by effectively tightening the anus of the recipient, as the kidneys are hit, resulting in the aforementioned benefits to inflicter. kidney punches or shots are potentially dangerous, however, not unheard of in relation to sexual assaults, and intercourse, in these correctional facilities.
cellie: "I'm into smashing it, but I could definitely give some kidney shots to f#(k."
freshfish: "kidney shots?"
cellie: "you f#(k 'em until you're 'bout to bust, then hit 'em in d kidneys to make their ass get real tight around your d!(k."
freshfish: "jezzzus!"
cellie: "You get it? So it's like f#(k, f#(k, 'bout to kumm, WAP! quick kidney shot, f#(k, WAP! quick kidney shot, WAP! WAP! WAP! WAP! WAP! WAP!"
freshfish: "yea, i get it."
by sunchynna December 17, 2008
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male masturbation

also: smashin' it (smashing it), as in presently masturbating
Nick: "so what do you do all day?"
Dan: "You know wake up, smash it. eat breakfast. smash it. wait around 'till lunch, maybe smash it to pass time. after lunch, go back and smash it. wait for dinner..."
Nick: "I can see where this is going..."
Dan "...L, l, l, let me finish...maybe smash it before dinner. then sit around, maybe smash it. you know while i sit around before bed?"
Nick: "yea...i know."
Dan: "yea...smashin' it...i spend a lot of time just smashin' it."
by sunchynna December 17, 2008
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