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awesome girl. curvy, GREAT boobs, tight ass. some jealous anorexic skanks might call her fat, but no straight male would ever go there. shes BANGABLE. very sarcastic, funny, and witty. some might think she's mean but shes actually just being funny. shes pretty average in school but she parties hard. great hair. gorgeous eyes. pretty tall, around 5'8". she always smells like flowers. you want her, and she knows it.
Guy 1: see that girl over there?
Guy 2: damn! look at those tits! those must be 34D's!
Guy 1: they are. she's my girlfriend, haley.
Guy 2: you lucky fuck

Girl 1: look at haley's boobs. they're huge. shes so fat.
Girl 2: shes not fat, you're just an anorexic whore. eat a sandwhich.
by summmerrrr June 24, 2011
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