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smoking the old marijuana aka the best most beautiful substance on the planet
ah i love being a hippie and smoking the green all day
by summer g May 17, 2005
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the liquid left behind in the rim of a soda can after you take a sip. 80 % saliva and 20 % soda
ew! i just drank that albino's soda and got some slurdge in the process
by summer g June 15, 2005
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a very scary all white person with red eyes whose scariness is intesified should he/she/it be a midget with a bloody lazy eye and smell really bad. albinos are the scariest things ever, and are the worst roommates ever. They also tend to live in colonies as they cannot go outside in the daytime.
you'll never see an albino at the beach
by summer g June 27, 2005
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