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a tall girl, usually 5'6 or 5'7, usually white. scared of the world..beautiful hair and eyes that are so rare when you see them they seem one of a kind. she is a VERY loyal person. ALWAYS there for you. whether you want her to be or not. she loves listening to problems and gives great advice..she relates to you iin EVERY aspect. she can listen to so many problems and secrets from different people but will never tell. her words usually heal your wounds. VERY blunt. she loves to hear the truth . no matter how hard it may hurt. most jennifers have had a troubled past and aas much as they can help you they need a shoulder to cry on. jennifers are very strong girls but behind that GORGEOUS smile its a troubled soul, nights of crying..and anxiety stronger than no other. Jennifers are very determined. never give up on you esepcially if she loves you. she usually falls for the guy thats going to hurt her the most and leave her up all night thinking. she cherishes her partner. she loves HARD.. she is so strong and always has a come back but she s so senstive. if she loves you, what you say can make or break her. she seems crazy alot but its because shes trapped on the inside. she worries like hell. when she gets mad its almost safe to get her a stray jacket. never let a jennifer down. if she keeps you close no matter how much you hurt her she'll be there for you. low self esteem.
she never thinks shes good enough. but cmon; we all know she is. she is a GENIUS, strives for high grrades and to be the best at everything she attempts. if you encounter a jennifer, NEVER LET HER SLIP THROUGH YOUR FINGERSamazing..
"damn jenn tells it how it is
jenn is a hood bitch
i really love jennifers drive..inspirational
jenn is a funny bitch
why would i let jennifer go..
damn jenn has big tits!"
by sugahoni July 06, 2012
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