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when someone is the persons bitch & are all about them. it's almost like there the persons third nut or 2nd vagina. (pipe is another meaning for dick) & since your on the persons dick a.k.a pipe (on a persons dick also means being the persons bitch/obsessed with them) you mind as well ride it! since riding pipe doesnt sound right its switched around to pipe rider. (pipe rider sounds much better then dick rider) its catchy to say right?

- originated in springfield pennsylvania
girl: omg kelly always likes all of ryan's status's & alway's texts him & stalks his life & gets jealous of other girls he talks to.

girl 2: wow she pipe rides the shit outta him.
by suckmybird123 February 11, 2011
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a springfield pennsylvania word that immature ugly gayass springfield guys made up meaning a girl that dresses "ghetto"
guy: " dude that girl is wearing hollister thats ghetto shes a mami "

* guy screams at girl, "mamiii!" *
by suckmybird123 February 11, 2011
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