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A largely ghetto neighborhood that is the northern new england pillhead and reject capital. Expensive, substandard community of pill pushing and disability checks that go hand in hand along with the methadone clinics, handicapitalism in schools, and Labor Ready also known as "Slaver Ready" by locals. Go here to sell or O.D. and you will not be let down! Better yet, try the local JobCorps and get raped by an overweight busdriver or beaten and outnumbered by the people in Capehart. Also very family oriented judging by the number of sex offenders. A must see.
After I get my crazy pay from the government and can walk properly again I'll get some OCs behind Bedwetters (Ledbetters)or the Dope(Hope) House while I'm in Bangor.

You screwed her in Brewer but you Banged her in Bangor, Maine.

The courts in the state of Massachuesetts didn't want him back so he relocated in Bangor to once again cut the drugs with laxatives and baking soda.
by substandard 187 September 29, 2009
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