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To disrespect: to make such an awesome and clever comeback that it renders the person whom you disrespected speechless.
(Working on a group project, you're chatting with your teammates.)

Fat girl: "Blah! You're a waste of time!"

You: "Oh yeah? You're a waste of space."

Teammate no. 1: "Oooooh, dissed!"

Everyone else: *laughing*

Fat girl: "..."
by stupidoldman April 17, 2009
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Translated from Russian to English as "This that". t.A.T.u. is a band that formed in Moscow, Russia in 1999. The two singers, Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova were first looked upon as lesbians. But later, it was discovered that that they were not lesbians, and they were just a group. They released their debut album, 200 Po Vstrechnoy (200 km/h in the Wrong Lane) on May 21, 2001.
You: Have you bought the new t.A.T.u. album? It's really great!

Me: No, not yet. I'll be sure to find it online.
by stupidoldman April 11, 2009
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