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Also known as depth charges and gravity-bong.
This is a device that uses gravity and air pressure to draw the smoke into a large chamber and then expel it quickly into the lungs.
This gives much larger hits than most implements, and it is possible to get quite stoned, very quickly with a relatively small amount of weed.
Cut the bottom off a 2 litre plastic drink bottle, then drill a hole in the cap, placing a cone into it.
Fill a bucket with water, lower the open-ended bottle into the water. Light the weed in the cone as you lift the bottle. Smoke is collected in the bottle as you lift the container.
Then remove the cap and place your lips around the neck of the bottle.
As you lower the bottle the smoke is forced into your lungs.
Cool and in large volume the smoke will realy get you wasted.
Man, we bucket bonged that shit and were we wasted!
by stonefish January 09, 2004

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