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Well known sports talk show host, either loved or hated for his polarizing outspoken views, also known as "Van Smack" because his shows revolve around "burning" or mocking athletes and he considers himself the best. Also has a cult following called "clones", who address him by this "honorary title". Most recognized by his most listened to radio show named after him, but nicknamed "The Jungle"; his ESPN television show called "Jim Rome is Burning"; and his fight on youtube with "Chris" Everett many years ago.

If not enlightening, many find his shows at least very entertaining if they don't have thin skin. Also much of his shows, moreso than most, consists of interviews with well known athletes that he has not managed to burn bridges with. As such, his show is a good soapbox for athletes to tell the fans what's on their mind at least once in their careers.
Clone 1: "Yo Romey thanks for the vine...."
by stevensw July 15, 2010
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One of the two symbols of everything wrong with the game today, and why it will never be good again. He symbolizes cheating (steroids, body armor), selfishness, player arrogance/entitlement, disrespect for the game and fans, and has been all but utterly forgotten by fans since his ostracism only a couple years ago, unlike Ruth, who's still forever endeared into the hearts of our entire nation by children who can't even walk yet. Unofficially, he is never ever regarded as the top home run leader of all time, and has a home run ball in the hall of fame with an asterisk on it.

The other symbol being Alex Rodriguez, symbol of player greed and free agency gone mad, but is trying to complete the circle jerk by being like Barry Bonds and wants the title of all-time asshole all for himself, he is well on his way.

Albert Pujols is our only hope.
Baseball Fan 1: I was reading the all time homerun list in Baseball Reference the other day, and saw this guy named Barry Bonds was at the top.

Baseball Fan 2: Barry who? Must be a typo, everyone knows it's Hank Aaron.
by stevensw July 04, 2010
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