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Singing along enthusiastically to "Call Me Maybe" while pointing at people during the "Hey, I just met you and this is crazy" part. After the song ends, you start telling your friends (and people you just met) how much you love them. Then you steal some wings off of a strangers table while they're in the bathroom (probably along with their beer). The next morning you realize you were texting your ex the whole night and accidentally made out with a lesbian.
Cara is always getting white girl wasted
by stephi May 17, 2012

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llzACKc36: so like u and alex and like shannon
Iveg0tpotential: yeah?
llzACKc36: u guys r like the undiscovered crew
llzACKc36: no it means u guys are the cutest/hottest, most down to earth bunch that weve ever laid eyes on
the undiscovered crew is amazing

by Stephi April 15, 2005

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