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someone who holds grudges forever..
if you are just jokingly teasing a grudge holder,
and they are joking back,
they might be remembering what you said in their heart forever,
and at your vulnerable times, they will get revenge!
stella: omg, when i was gardening, i accidently fropped a shovel and it hit nicole, and i said sorry, afterwards, she wrote a poem about it and read it to the whole class, that is waaaay overreacting!!! what a drama queen!
aman: she sounds like a grudge holder, beware...
signs that your friend may be a grudge holder includes:
1) high sensitivity
2) grudge holding
3) not participating in any jokes
by stellimonsta March 23, 2011

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pronounced: fone-call, noun
a fake phone call,
a pretend phone call, usually faked to get out of a certain situation
mom: hey, why did you come home so lat last night?
guy: ring ring, sorry, got a 'phone call'
*picks up phone and makes a faux-ne call*
by stellimonsta April 15, 2011

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