2 definitions by steelersownyou

1. (noun) A person with an IQ of lower than 60, who have ineptitude learning at school as well as communication, problems performing basic everyday tasks, and problems socially with people of similar age.

2. (noun) The insult used to describe such a person in definition 1, or anyone just acting or talking stupid, whether they fit the medical diagnosis of "mentally retarded" or not.

3. (noun) Most posters on Blabbermouth's heavy metal news website and messageboard.
You don't know what you're talking about, you retard.
by steelersownyou January 16, 2006
1. (proper noun) Thrash metal pit fare born of New Jersey. The first thrash metal band in the history of metal, forming in 1980 and releasing classic thrash metal albums such as The Years of Decay, WFO and Horrorscope.

2. (proper noun) A Motorhead album and its title track where the band of this name got it from.

3. (noun) The act, or acts, of doing more than what is necessary to accomplish a task. Often associated with warfare.
1. I saw Overkill play last night and they played a kickass show.
2. A 112,000 square foot Wal-Mart is overkill for this small town.
by steelersownyou January 15, 2006