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The place where u send things u dont really want to do. Derived from the word boycott - BOYston COTTage.

Can also be used as an excuse for not doing something.
Place - not gonna go to work today, iv sent it to boyston cottage.
Excuse - "why arent u coming out tomorro?", sorry, cant, im going to boyston cottage.
by ste b November 17, 2003
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A contender with our Sun as true centre of the solar system. A body of great mass and gravitational pull. Possibly filled with dark matter due to its density in comparison with its size to its nearest gravitational equivalent. (the Sun)
If you have ever put anything down only for it to dissappear when you look back and you then cannot find it, it has been captured by the gravitational field of bulla's head and is now an orbiting satellite.
by ste b November 17, 2003
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