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A person who, when chatting with text over the internet, will almose always respond to something with "lol". This person also doesn't think through what is being said.
Fred Says: Wow, tomorrow's social studies test is going to be queer
John Says: lol
Fred says: Hahah, this is a funny pic

(Imagine a link to a funny pic here)

Fred Says: lol
by star99ers January 9, 2005
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Gameshow where 3 Contestants Answer Trivia questions in hopes of gaining the most Money. The Contestans at the end of the game with the most money is declared the Champion and gets to stay for the next round. Only the Champion of each round makes the money from the questions he/she answered.
Jeopardy will be on tonight at 6:00 following the 5:00 news
by star99ers January 9, 2005
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In Video Games, where the players must rescue AI(s) who's been "kidnapped". The Hostage, or Hossie, must be rescued to win the round.
"I don't see any Enemies around, lets go rescue the Hossies."
by star99ers January 9, 2005
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