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1. a collection of extremly hott guys who are still cool enough to go to summer camp and be teased about it
2. where all the guys sail all day long
3.a place where its ok to go to meals without your shoes, but still have your shirt tucked in
4.were the formal atire consits of rainbow flip-flops, a popped pink collared shirt, a pair of the signiture seagull shorts, and a pair of croakies
5.where its cool to dance to beach music in a place called "The Cage"
6.where all the guys dream a girl named suzie seafarer and getting a knot in their swimband
seafarer girl 1- "who's that sexy guy in the boat?"(see Camp Seafarer

seafarer girl 2- " oh he goes to camp seagull"
by ssnash419 February 14, 2005

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